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UK company which carries known brand like Rachael Hale, Heartwarmer, MILK, In the pink ....


Bag Tags (70)

Bright colours, tough materials and signature strip plus hidden contact details will make school bags, suitcase, ruck sacks, sports bags and lunch boxes instantly recognizable!

Greeting cards (4)


Someone has to " bell the cat ". Your friends / family just maybe a wee bit tied up. 

Why not make the first move and touch their heart with our beautiful design cards.

Magnetic bookmarks (92)

Each bookmark is made from high quality flexible rubber and paper material that is completely magnetised on the reverse. If folded over a page corner the bookmark will attach easily to books, magazines, documents etc.

Great gift for all the book lovers in your life.

Keepsakes (36)

This hugely popular " credit card " keepsakes, wrapped with a lilac envelope individually.

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