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Snorkel Mask - Pink


The innovative Folding Mask Design


Why Choose Us ?

Always ventilation for inhaled and fresh air.

Maximum prevention from water leaking in through air tube.

Silicone internal mask anti-foggy by physic phenonenal thus, better vision and clearance.

Price: S$89.90
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Product Features :

Waterproof system

Dual floating ball design that will block the air inlet by moving up due to the buoyancy to prevent the water from entering mask.On floating surface above water , the air inlet valve will work normally as the float drops due to gravity and helps to breathe fresh air.


Safety Breathing Tube

Dual channel design which is isolated from each other for smooth air flow and also to avoid the mix of inhaling fresh air and exhaled CO2 to ensure the anti-fog system is not affected.


Toughened Breakage

Lens with wide 180degree vision to enjoy panoramic sea view.


Wide Space Mouth Design

for increased air ciculation , easy & comfortable breathing.


Efficient Water Drain System

Put your head out of the water to drain the excess water that entered due to the waves.