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MCT POWDER 150 - 150GM Promotion Price


MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) Energy Booster Powder can be used as a healthy creamer in beverages or food to provide instant ketone energy. Ketone energy is immediately available to the body as an alternative to glucose. This booster powder contains beneficial Caprylic (C8) & Capric acid (C10) which are readily absorbed and metabolised. COCOSCIENCE’s MCT Energy Booster Powder contains no harmful hydrogenated fats and is trans-fat free.

1bottle = 150gm 

Usual Price : $ 25.00

Now Promotion : $20.00

  • Code: MCT POWDER 150
Price: S$20.00
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~Instant ketone energy

~Increased basal metabolic rate

~Alleviates fatigue

~Improves focus and concentration